Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello! I'm Courtney with Violet Hill!

First off HELLO BLOG WORLD! This is Courtney and I'm so flipping excited to share my story with all of you.  I've been a little late on starting a blog because you see my life has been CRAZY busy. I just finished school with my bachelors in Sociology and a minor in English (btw my grammar sucks soooooooo don't hold me up to getting that minor k?)

To tell you a few things about myself.  I love owls. There are very few moments that you will ever not see me without a coke, and  I'm one of the owners of Violet Hill Boutique.

Violet Hill Boutique is located in Logan, UT at 755 N Main. We have now been open for a year and half and have about 1100 followers on facebook and literally the best customers in the world!!!

The whole group!
The camera girl. 
  If we haven't ever met before...hello I'm Courtney and I'm the one on the right. The girl on my left is Alex she's the other owner of Violet Hill Boutique. 

Anywhooooo. This is the store, and these are some of fun customers who helped out with the photoshoot we did with the FABULOUS Sami Jo Photography please go check her out and send her some love. She really is amazing.


  1. Looks great! I need to come in sometime and get those birdcage earrings..:-)

  2. Which one is your cousin??? That's awesome!

  3. Found you over at After Nine to Five...what a great shop! That has got to be a ton of fun!


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