Friday, April 27, 2012

Instafriday w/ Courtney

Lots of adventures this week. Antiquing, watching movies, and making jewelry :) follow me on Instagram at @peoplecallmecourt
Favorite quote from this movie, "What the cuss!"

Antiques fascinate me. This little peanut is a hidden treasure that I almost bought. Price wasn't right. But it made me happy. Logan, UT has some amazing antique stores.

Made this new pretty! She can be purchased on the website for $18.00

This week I went in the radio station to record a RADIO AD! So if you live in utah be sure to check out 9.45 VFX next monday for our Violet Hill radio ad. 

I also found this pretty at Desert Industries. I stop by there regularly. Too often...I have a problem. 

I left a little surprise for my husband in the egg carton this week. He wakes up at the butt crack of dawn and I sleep in until way too late. So since I'm never up when he is I left some messages for his breakfast.

I'm linking up this post at here!
life rearranged

Last thing!

These two deals are up for grabs! These hand painted camera necklaces are $4.99 just click the pick to purchase yours today! PS this deal won't last long so hurry!

2nd deal are earrings are also hand painted and are available for $7.99 with tons of options available on the colors! This item also ships for FREE!!!


  1. Love that necklace you crafted and also the egg love note idea!



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