Sunday, April 22, 2012


Danger! Danger! Danger! Good thing you guys can't catch my cold through my blog I have been sick since Monday and yesterday was the worst. I wanted to die. I felt good in the morning. I got up early and went to some local yard sales...found some awesome finds. But then when I got to work I couldn't see straight or walk straight or even talk straight so I was sent home to recover. Today I'm still recovering.

I'm super bummed I wasn't able to go to the Snap Conference down at Thanksgiving Point in Utah. I almost preorder my ticket back in February and saw the price and was like well I better save up and when I got the money saved up it was sold out :( next time I'm just gonna put it on the credit card because that conference looked phenomenal!!!

So what did I learn this week? One take care of your body. Two when the opportunity is in front of you jump on it and three live and learn.

Here are some of my photos throughout the week I took on instagram! You can follow me personally @peoplecallmecourt and the store @vhboutique

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