Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goals to be reached by Snap Conference 2013

I have had hard time setting goals. The hardest party has been actually keeping them. Is anyone else out there like that? I mean come on... It's not like I'm lazy or anything...I think I put others before myself so I let my goals fall by the way side.  So here I am today putting my goals out there. I think putting them out in the blogging universe my actually be the motivation I need to keep and reach my goals. So here it is. My list of goals to be reached by April 2013 which is right before the SNAP conference.

1st Goal= Lose 30 pounds

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I am not one of those girls that thinks I'm fat or anything. I just would like to get back to a healthy weight. Also I saw a picture of myself....meaing I really looked at the picture...and didn't love what I saw and thought how can I make this better? So healthy eating and cooking is my new philosophy.

2nd Goal = Save up $1500 for a shopping spree

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I should be looking FABULOUS if I'm going to be attending this conference. I gotta make a statement ya know? So I'm gonna start putting away a little bit of money from every pay check so when April hits I'll be looking snazzy and feeling snazzy for the SNAP conference.

3rd Goal= Blog at least 2 times a week.

With our big move from Main Street to the mall I've kind of let blogging fall to the way side. NO MO' of that! Time to ge this page updated and most importnatly to keep you guys updated.

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I'll be checking in every now and then to let you know how the progress of these goals are going! Wish me luck!



  1. I love this! Putting it "out there" is a great idea and motivating for me as well. Like I tell someone that I'm going to run x number miles in the morning and then, well, I sorta gotta do it. Anyway, I'm thinking 30 lbs is too much of you sweetie, but just to help with your shopping/reward/incentive, I'm going to add $100 to that goal! Love you!

    1. Auntie. You are the best auntie a niece like me could ever ask for! I gotta tell ya I got on the tredmill last night and was really motivated by you and your new found love of running and training. So thank you first for motivating me, and second for supporting me! LOVE YOU!

  2. Good luck, Courtney! Definitely routing for you - and I'm sure you can stick to ALL of them (although I agree with Marie above, 30 pounds seems like a lot for you)! :D


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