Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snap Conference 2013

(Part 1)

At 7:00 AM I shot out of my bed in a panic. NOT TODAY! I can't be late....OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN TODAY. WHY???? Stupid phone you were supposed to wake me up at 8:00! I reached for my phone and clicked the screen to see that it was only 7:01AM. Calm down Courtney...you didn't miss it the SNAP conference tickets didn't go on sale for another 2 hours. I laid back down and tried to calm myself.  My heart was racing and I could barley catch my breath. Today is the day!

I laid in bed for about an hour playing with my iPhone. Checking Instagram, checking Facebook, checking Pinterest, checking Instagram again, reading the news, checking Instagram again. Note to self...I need a better morning routine. Seriously get out of bed already. I finally decided to crawl out of bed and get ready. Slowly my feet reached the carpeted floor. I rose to my feet and took a deep breath. Today will be the day.

At about 8:50 I ran to my computer and pulled up the SNAP Conference website and waited for the time to reach 9:00 when tickets went on sale. I checked Facebook to see that my friends and Nichelle and Elise were on. Chatting back and forth the time would not go by fast enough. ALL of the sudden my computer's screen went blank. NO. Today is supposed to be the day. I frantically clicked as many buttons as I could to see if my screen could magically appear....NOTHING but the dark blackness of my Dell computer. I held the power button down until I heard a small click. I pressed the button again until my screen magically appeared again.

At 9:02 my computer finally came back on and I pulled up the browser and got back to the SNAP conference website...

I got my ticket.

Today is the day!



  1. Courtney, Glad you got a ticket! Look forward to seeing you in April. xoxo

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