Monday, December 24, 2012

Love Me Some Mullets!

So I think every woman should build her wardrobe up with some key pieces that can be used to make a ton of different outfits! Here at Violet Hill we have this lovely high low (or as I like to call them mullet tops haha) camel top that no joke could probably be used to make 100 different outfits! You've got to love those versatile tops!
Camel High Low Button Up:$27.99
You can take it easy with a fun scarf or a cool cardigan and accessorize with a long pendant necklace or some fun jewelry and if there's one thing we have at Violet Hill it's AMAZING and unique jewelry! Balck and white metallic Cardigan: $32.99
There is only one word for these scarves: BEAUTIFUL! We have a ton of colors and they are just the right weight and don't get me started on how cute those tassels are! Which one is your fave?? How many ways can you tie a scarf?? Check out this cool website for some ideas! All scarfs at Violet Hill are $14.99-they make great gifts and outfit boosters! Of course we had to add an owl necklace! We LOVE owls! Get this cute one for $19.99 oh yeah and in case the cute owl pic wasn't enough it's actually a pocket watch too!!
For all my dress lovers isn't this dress amazing! And how cute does it look with that ever so versatile Violet Hill camel top? You can get this dress for $36.99
Hands down this is my favorite necklace in the store! It's simple, unique, and so so cute! I know we just spent for ever talking about the versatility of that camel top but no joke this necklace goes with just about everything and it makes an awesome gift! Come check it out at Violet Hill Boutique for $16.99!
I couldn't resist...I have a sick obsession with mullets and since we were talking about that fabulous mullet top I thought I would end this post with some equally awesome mullets! If there's one thing going for these guys (except John Stamos because he is sexy) it's their amazing mullets! So are you going to come in and check out Violet Hill's Awesome versatile tops or what? I'll let you "mullet" over but we'd love to see you!
And just because we love you here's one for the road! Can't beat a man with a mullet and two cats!

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