Monday, January 28, 2013

Layer Up!!

Striped 3/4 sleeve Top: 29.99
Basic Gray Tee: 15.99
Denim/chiffon Top: 32.99
Basic Black Cardi: 25.00
Ok so did anybody else look outside this morning amazed at the amount of snow that we got?? You know what that means? LAYERING!!! Here at Violet Hill Boutique we have the perfect layering pieces for any outfit! Cardigans, jackets, scarfs oh my!
Not sure what will work for you? Here are some tips to help you out!

  • Pick a basic piece and then mold your outfit around it.These tops on the right are just the right kind to layer with!  
  • remember your body type, find what works for you and stick to it
  • Don't over layer  You don't want to look too bulky! Stick to a maximum of three layers. 
  • Last but definitely not least have fun! Be creative with it and express your personal style! Don't be afraid to mix prints or add some color! 

Check out these basic but adorable tops here at Violet Hill.

Striped Cardigan with metallic stitching: $32.99
Belt: $11.99
Locket Necklace: $10.00
Vintage Pocket Watch Necklace: $16.99

Remember that basic denim shirt? Well it doesn't look so basic anymore does it!? How cute is that striped cardigan? And since we're layering with clothes why not layer with necklaces too!

These jackets are perfect to layer with! Especially considering the cold weather outside! Which one is more your style? Are you more on the edgy side with that black leather jacket or do you prefer a classy pea coat? Come into Violet Hill and check them out! 

Black Jacket: $42.99
Scarf: $14.99

The color of that scarf is AMAZING! Not to mention it adds just the right amount of volume and interest to any outfit! 

Mustard Heart Patterned Blouse: $34.99
Grey Jacket: $43.99

Add a cute blouse and awesome jacket to spruce up any black cardigan! 

Denim Button up: $32.99
Red Pea Coat: $42.99
Pendant Necklace: $12.99

That gray tee layered with that denim button up look so cute together! And the classic red pea coat not only adds a pop of color but also pulls the look together. 

There are so many amazing combinations just waiting for you to put together so come on into Violet Hill Boutique and find the perfect layered look for you!!

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